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Engine Topics

Lycoming Flyer - Key Reprints
by Textron Lycoming 
99 pages             $8.95

Lycflyer.bmp (75958 bytes) This is a reprint of the many technical articles which have previously appeared in the Lycoming Flyer Magazine.  (which is no longer published)  Most of these articles regard the operation of Lycoming engines with a few involving maintenance, the understanding of maintenance, and steps that you as the owner \operator can take to avoid them.  This is "official" information coming straight from Lycoming.   Consider it both interesting and critical information for anyone flying behind or maintaining these powerplants.


Table of Contents

    Determining condition on high time powerplants
    Oil analysis
    Aerobatic engines
    Low compression engines
    Fuel contamination
    Auto fuel in Lycoming Engines
    Lycoming approved oil filters
    Detonation and pre-ignition
    Compression ratios
    Fixed pitch propellers
    Induced engine damage
    Welding is not recommended
    Questions for engine modifiers
    Engine balance
    Fuel injection or carburetion
    "Same engine" myth
    Low time may not mean quality

    Engine break-in
    Leaning Lycoming engines
    Operating fixed pitch props
    Operation during takeoff and climb
    EGT and fuel management
    High elevation airports
    Basic power sequence
    Power settings
    Low rpm cruise
    Induction icing
    Cold weather operation
    Warning on simulated engine out manuevers
    Importance of CHT
    Interpreting engine instruments
    Starting suggestions
    Use of fuel boost pumps
    Sudden cooling
    Sticking valves - the warning signs
    Avoiding sticking valves
    The pilot and turbocharging
    Thieves of engine power
    Wet air effects on engines
    Frequency of flight and its effect on engines
    Old wives tales
    Spark plug fouling
    Air filter maintenance
    Oil and the engine
    Oil and filter change recommedations
    Maintaining oil levels
    Finding Metal in the filter
    Engine color codes
    Break-in and oil consumption limits
    Compression check as a maintenance aid
    Spark plugs - key to a smooth engine
    Why rotate plugs
    Engine hoses
    Checking and adjusting tappet clearance
    The O-235 engine
    Base nut tightening procedures
    Fuel injector nozzles
    Simple check of internal timing
    Counterweight rollers
    Lightning strikes
    Use of incorrect fuel
    Prop strikes
    Engine starters
    Replacing rods and pistons
    Leaking nose seals
    Cam & tappet wear
    Exhaust system maintenance
    High time cylinders
    Top Overhaul?
    Lycoming model codes


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