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Engine Topics

Lycoming Reciprocating Engine
Troubleshooting Guide

57 Pages  $9.50

Trouble.bmp (238134 bytes) This is Lycoming's official troubleshooting guide for their aircraft reciprocating engines.  It is broken down into 21 possible faults (as listed below)   Each general fault is followed by its possible causes, the solution to those causes problem, and then the procedures for implementing that solution.

This is not a fancy publication (nor does it have a fancy price); but rather a step by step sequence of procedures which could save the operator or mechanic significant amounts of time, money, and frustration when attempting to diagnose unknown engine problems.

Table of Contents
1] Hard Starting
2] Rough idle
3] Won't idle unless boost pump on
4] Won't idle unless boost pump off
5] Poor idle cut-off
6] High fuel flow
7] Low fuel flow
8] Engine will not turn static rpm
9] Engine surges
10] failure to develope rated power
11] Loss of power going to altitude
12] Can not reach specified critical altitude
13] Low oil pressure
14] High oil consumption
15] High cylinder head temperature
16] Split in manifold pressure (twin engine)
17] High oil temperature
18] High manifold pressure at idle
19] High oil pressure
20] Manifold pressure fluctuations
21] The Bendix RSA fuel injector


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